What Does Fashion Look Like for the Emerald City?

October 27, 2017

We are witnessing firsthand the Seattle population boom, with a large percentage being millennials. Seattle is not just your average corporate city. And here at The Sound Mortgage, we like to think of ourselves as the ‘suitless’ brokerage company that prefers comfort over ties. Seattle is not just becoming a new ‘it’ city full of job opportunities, but it’s also becoming well known for it’s sense of fashion. We are seeing people from different industries moving here from all around the world, including from the fashion capitals. Seattle is very well known for its ‘pacific northwest’ style. But what does that mean? Birkenstock, socks, and flannels? Dr. Marten’s, fringed/ripped jeans, and fishnets? Or maybe Patagonias, Northfaces, and Hunter boots? With the city’s rapid growth and expansion, will its ‘pacific northwest’ style evolve or remain the same? Seattle is attracting people from all over the world, each place with its own style. By 2040, the Greater Seattle Area will have an exploding population.  But what does this mean for Seattle fashion and how we know it?


Seattleites prefer practicality and comfort with an outdoorsy soft grunge edge to their style. Maybe it’s the music and celebrities such as Kurt Cobain that have influenced this edge or maybe it’s the weather. I would say that regardless of the influence you can always dress up some flannels, Dr. Martens, or finish off an outfit with a Northface. Seattle may not be a fashion capital and may choose comfort over high fashion, but it does house some important players in the fashion and apparel industry such as Nordstrom, Tommy Bahama, and REI. With these influences, the desire for comfort has slowly dwindled. For example, Victoria’s Secret has recently introduced the highly controversial ‘innerwear as outerwear’, and it has been adapted into nightlife all around the world, including Seattle. From experience and my time at Victoria’s Secret, ‘innerwear as outerwear’ is not always comfortable, but it has definitely revolutionized what we see as going out outfits.


Velvet and sheer silhouettes are other trends that I have seen incorporated into Seattleites’ outfits. Whether it’s a velvet blazer/jacket with ripped jeans and Dr. Martens or a sheer blouse with jeans and Birkenstocks, there is still a ‘pacific northwest’ edge to these outfits. As much as Seattle is becoming a hub for technology and is expanding its population, I believe that the fashion here will not change dramatically. We may incorporate trends into our own 'PNW style' but I don't see it evolving to keep up with trends such as in New York.


Do you think Seattle Fashion will evolve and become a fashion capital? Let me know what you think, comment below! If you have any questions regarding Real Estate Investment in the Greater Seattle Area request a consultation. 



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