University of Washington's Newest Dorms


The University of Washington sits north of the city on 703 acres among a vast campus that has a range of architecture throughout. Starting in the beginning of 2016, the university began a multi-million dollar project to tear down some of the older existing dorms, and redevelop the land into three new dorm residencies. In the 1960s, the dorms were completed by many third party professionals which made the project of updating the dorms more expensive to renovate  than to completely redevelop.


McCarty, Madrona, and Willow, the three new dorm residences in the current phase of development at UW, were well underway when the the huskies returned to school for fall quarter in September. These three dorms will be much more environmentally friendly and will meet current energy costs that the previous dorms did not. The University of Washington is an environmentally friendly campus that has an environmental stewardship policy statement which has stated “ the university is committed to being a positive force for enhancement of the environment, not just in research but in how it manages facilities and resources” therefore the decision to tear down the low efficiency buildings was an environmentally cautious and smart decision.


Here at the Sound Mortgage we love to stay up to date on local projects just like this massive redevelopment on one of the most beautiful campuses in the state. Staying informed on what is hot in real estate is important to us, and if it also is to you, be sure to come back to the website

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