Give the Youth a Chance

July 25, 2017


The Issue:


The banking and finance industry can be very difficult to get into. A lot of companies will require potential employees to have some sort of experience in the industry before securing a job. Often, the finance sector steers away from disclosing secrets or sharing the way to success, fearing that people may take the knowledge and compete.  


Fifteen years ago when Phil Hills, Co-Owner of The Sound Mortgage Brokers first started getting into the mortgage/banking industry, he was met with the above problems. Even his family members in the industry were secretive about their ways to success and just told him to “figure it out.”  There are times where Phil believed it was a good learning experience to figure it out on his own, but there were also many times where being able to ask someone for advice or have some questions answered would’ve saved a lot of wasted time and effort.


Phil remembered how lost and helpless he felt at times and decided he wanted to be different than the older generation in the industry: he was going give the younger generation the ability to get started in this industry, and the ability to learn from his mistakes.


The Solution: Internships


Taking these considerations into account, The Sound Mortgage Brokers has been offering internships to college students interested in the field of banking/finance. The only requirements for the internship is that the applicant must be a current college student, have little to no experience in the field, come in at least 10 hours a week, and have a drive to learn.


At The Sound Mortgage, internships are structured a little differently than your average corporate finance internship. The Sound and the applicant will have a meeting discussing the applicant's time availability, interests, and desires of what they want to learn from the internship. Whether its marketing, finance, or another aspect of the business, we will teach them about what we were are doing in that aspect currently, and encourage them to come up with new ideas involving it. We then actually implement and use their ideas.


Why Do We Do That?


Think about it. Will a student really learn anything if they are just given routine busy work that was going to get done the same way no matter who was doing it? That doesn’t benefit the intern at all. It only gives the intern a couple sentences on a resume, but not really any deeper knowledge base.


We believe that the intern shouldn’t structure themselves around the internship, but instead we should base the internship around them.


The Result For the Intern:

  • Increases ability to attain a higher sense of value when their ideas are listened to

  • Creates an in depth knowledge base of the field they are operating in

  • Provides the ability for the intern to learn as much as they want to put in

  • Provides more than just a resume builder when they leave

  • Provides that introductory industry experience when the intern applies for future jobs and positions


We at The Sound Mortgage want the younger generation to succeed. Instead of sitting back and letting them figure out how to do it themselves, we have decided to help them get the start they need in a field where having prior experience is extremely valuable, yet hard to acquire. We believe giving them personal guidance from experts in the field is a way for them to learn more in terms of quality and quantity, and create future success in the younger generation.


Apply here for a Sound Mortgage Internship!


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