Have 5+ Residential Investment Properties? Consider a Portfolio Loan

July 21, 2017


Do you own 5, 10, 15, 80 Residential Investment Properties? No Problem


Owning one residential property that you rent out has been a great opportunity to make money for millions of investors over the years. It’s been so good that many of these people who own one residential investment property often own many more.


For those of us who own a home, it’s usually accompanied by a mortgage. This means a monthly payment due to Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance. So what happens when you have your own home and an investment property?


That’s right, two mortgages! Now what about when you own 5, 10, 20, or 100 properties? You’re stuck with managing that many mortgages. This can be very time consuming, each property is going to have a different payment due on a different date. As more properties are owned, it can become troublesome to manage that many statements; you might even start to eat into your profits by hiring someone specifically to manage just making sure all your payments are being made on time.


Up until recently, people just had to bite the bullet and accept the fact of managing all of that. But fret no more, there is a solution!


Portfolio Loans on Unlimited Residential Investment Properties:


What do we mean by this? We are saying we can finance ALL of your residential investment properties into one loan at a fixed rate, as long as you have at least 5 properties. That’s right. We can refinance an unlimited number of properties into a single loan. We also might be able to finance more than originally due to the fact that we can cross-collateralize the properties in your portfolio allowing more cash to free up on properties that might not be cash flowing as well as the others.


“What if I own the properties free and clear?”


That’s awesome! With this program we can do a cash-out refinance of all your properties at one time giving you the ability to purchase more properties and add to your portfolio.


“What if I don’t own any investment properties?”


This would be a great time to start. You can purchase 5+ properties and combine them into one loan, making you already organized from the very beginning!

Let’s do a quick recap!

The highlights of this program are:

  • Purchase/Refinance 5+ Residential Investment Properties

  • 1 Loan

  • 1 interest rate

  • 1 monthly payment

  • A lot less to deal with

Simplify your mortgage management, save time, and organize the details all in one place. Request a Consultation to see if you qualify for a portfolio loan!

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