Getting a job after college can prove difficult for students who do not have working experience in the field they are pursuing. That task can prove near impossible if they are trying to enter in the finance industry. The demands of school and extracurricular activities make it difficult to maintain a full time position to gain the experience necessary for entering this field. At The Sound Mortgage, our program is structured around the interns' schedules and skillset to give them the creative freedom needed to succeed.


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The Outcome


With these things in mind, the entire atmosphere of the internship changes:

  • The intern will be working on projects and tasks that they personally choose which are things that they are actually interested in.

  • The intern’s work actually affects the company creating a higher sense of intrinsic value for the intern.

  • The program provides the increased drive to learn and come up with new ideas as they understand that their work and effort are noticed/used.

  • The program creates a solid backing and real-world reference for the future when the intern is applying to new jobs and positions.


Interested or Know Someone Interested in an Internship? Now hiring for winter quarter internships!


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Meet Our Interns

Marketing Intern

Lisa is from Eugene, Oregon pursuing a Business Marketing degree from Seattle University as well as competing  on the track and cross-country team as a division 1 athlete. Lisa loves the outdoors and exploring Seattle. Her favourite animals are llamas.  As a marketing major she hopes to gain perspective and exposure to real world situations while working with Phil at SMB. 

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